The main focus of the Bay Woods HOA is to improve the quality of life and sense of community within the neighborhood while maintaining its character and that of the city of Safety Harbor.



The function of the board is to implement the HOA mission while maintaining a healthy balance between improving the values and desirability of the neighborhood and respecting the rights and desires of individual property owners.




Expand the strong sense of community with our immediate neighbors to the neighborhood as a whole.


Continue beautification efforts to improve the look/feel of the neighborhood and increase property values. As the public areas improve hopefully it encourages owners to maintain and improve their individual lots.

Relationship with City

It is critical to our success that we maintain a positive, non-confrontational relationship with the City of Safety Harbor. We are very fortunate to live in a city that prides itself on cooperation with its citizens.

Deed Restrictions

The enforcement of deed restrictions is critical to our maintaining the level of consistency and desirability within the neighborhood. We need to enforce these restrictions to a reasonable level for the entire neighborhood while taking into consideration the feelings of adjacent owners. The individual property rights of each landowner also needs to be respected.

Dues Collection

The collection of dues are essential to the HOA. All residents need to be encouraged to pay their dues in a timely manner.


We need to be vigilant, not only by supporting the Neighborhood Watch Program, but also by watching out for our individual neighbors.