Deed Restrictions

Bay Woods is comprised of Bay Woods 1 & 3. The only difference is that Bay Woods 3 was built about a year later and comprises the area including Idlewilde and Villa Ct.

For a copy of the full restrictions including those that only apply to the initial builder(s) click the link below. A summary of the restrictions that apply to residents are outlined on this page.

Full Deed Restrictions

—Deed Restriction File–

NOTE: Both Bay Woods 1 & 3 have similar restrictions and therefore only Bay Woods 3 has been attached to link above since it is a clearer copy. Both restrictions can be found on the Pinellas County website under public records.

Bay Woods 1 Documents
Plat Book 80, pages 68-70
Deed Restrictions: 79151473 O.R.4909 pg1008-1015 on Sept. 6th 1979
Amended: 80042176 O.R.4995 pg1865 on Mar. 12th, 1980

Bay Woods 3 Documents
Plat Book 84, 7
Deed Restrictions: 81137012 O.R.5239 pg787-794 on Aug. 25th 1981

Summary of Restrictions

#1 Covenants w/ the land

These restrictions and limitations are to be regarded as covenants running with the land, regardless of whether they are specifically mentioned in any deeds or conveyances subsequently executed.

#2 Other Buildings

All of said property shall be known and described as residential property and structure shall be erected, altered, placed or permitted to remain on any parcel of the same other than one detached, single-family dwelling not to exceed 2-1/2 stories in height and a two (2) or three (3) car garage, said garage to be attached and a part of the main structure.

#3/4 Minimum Land/House Size

No dwelling shall be erected on a land area less than 7,000 square feet. All houses shall have at least one full and one-half inside bath, and 1,800 square feet, exclusive of screened area, open porches, terraces, patios and garages.

#5 Space Around House

No structure of any type shall be erected nearer than twenty (20) feet to the front lot line of any lot. No structure shall be erected nearer than fifteen (15) feet to any rear lot line. No structure shall be erected nearer than twenty (20) feet to any side street lot line. No structure shall exceed two and one-half stories and shall not exceed twenty-five (25) feet in height from the ground floor slab. (NOTE: This is also Safety Harbor Code which also has the requirement of no structure within 7 feet of either side lot line).

#6 Easements

Perpetual easements for the installation and maintenance of utilities and drainage facilities as shown on said plat filed in the Public Records of Pinellas County, Florida are hereby reserved.

#7 No Structures

No tent, shack, garage, barn or other outbuildings shall, at any time, be erected and used temporarily or permanently as a residence or for any other purpose, nor shall any trailer, mobile home, motor home, and/or recreational vehicle be parked permanently or temporarily as a residence or for any other purpose, on any of the lots in this subdivision. No structure of any kind shall be moved onto any part of the above-described land except temporary used by contractors in connection with approved construction work.

#11 Livestock

No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any lot, except that cats, dogs, and other small household pets may be kept provided they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purposes and are not allowed to roam free in the subdivision.

#12 Signs

No advertising signs shall be displayed with the exception of “For Sale” signs.

#13 Parking

No vehicle shall be parked on any part of this property except on paved streets and paved driveways. No trailers or commercial vehicles, including mobile homes and recreational vehicles, other than those present on business may be parked in the subdivision. Boats and/or boat trailers shall be parked inside garages and concealed from public view.

#14 Trash

No lot shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish. Trash, garbage, or other waste shall not be kept except in sanitary containers properly concealed from public view behind the front building line of the home.

#16 Creek Owners

Owners of lots which abut any creek or low marsh area agree they will at times; keep that portion of said creek or low marsh area that abuts their property, free from any trash or debris, refrain from building any structure whatsoever into or over said creek or low marsh area; abide by any and all laws, ordinances or regulations pertaining to the preservation and conservation of environmentally sensitive land; refrain from diverting the natural flow or natural state of said creek or low marsh area.

#17 Deed Restrictions

Every person, firm, corporation purchasing a lot in said subdivision shall be conclusively presumed, by the recording of the conveyance of said property to such person, firm or corporation, to have agreed to abide by the provisions herein contained, and to do and perform all affirmative acts required herein.

#20 Landscaping

All dwellings shall be constructed with concrete driveways, solid sodded front lawns, sidewalks the width of the lot along the edge of all road right-of-ways, according to the developer’s specification, and a basic shrubbery planting across the front of the house.

#24 Fence

No fence, wall, or hedge shall be permitted on any lot in front of the front building line. No fence shall be erected without first obtaining a building permit from the City of Safety Harbor, Florida and in addition to the requirement set forth in this paragraph, shall comply with the specifications set forth in the applicable City of Safety Harbor, FL ordinance.

#25 Perimeter Fence

If the developer should elect to erect a fence around or on any part of the subdivision, said fence will be constructed and erected according to specifications of the City of Safety Harbor, Florida and each lot owner whose lot abuts any such fence agrees to maintain, in good uniform appearance and repair the portion of said fence that abuts his or her property at his or her sole expense. This paragraph shall in no way be construed as placing on the developer the duty of erecting any fence whatsoever around or on any part of the subdivision.

#26 Pools / Clothes Lines

No clothes drying poles or lines shall be erected or used on the property in such a manner that said poles, lines or clothing theron shall be visible from the street. All above ground pools must be located in the back yard; not visible from the street, whether it be the front or side street; and it must be hidden from view by shrubbery or a fence.

#27 Obstructions

No fence, wall, tree, hedge, shrub or any obstruction of any nature shall be permitted which obstructs the view, at street intersections, in the area that is above three (3) feet from the ground level or below seven (7) feet from ground level or in any way violates the City of Safety Harbor, Florida Ordinances pertaining to obstruction of view at street intersections.

#31 Visible Items

All garbage or trash containers, air conditioners, oil tanks, bottle gas tanks, soft water tanks, swimming pool filters and solar system equipment and similar structures or installations, shall be placed under the surface of the ground or places in walled-in or hedged areas so that they shall not be visible front the street or from adjacent property.

#32 Flood Zone

Purchasers of lot in Baywoods are notified that the lot purchased may be located in an area designated by the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development as a special flood hazard area. If your lot is so designated, there are certain restrictions on building elevations and the obtaining of flood insurance that will be furnished to you upon request.

#33 Enforcement of Deed Restrictions

These covenants and restrictions are to run with the land, regardless of whether or not they are specifically mentioned in and Deeds or conveyances subsequently executed and shall be binding on all parties and all persons claiming under them until January 1, 2020, after which times said covenants shall be automatically extended for successive periods of ten (10) years, unless an instrument signed by a majority of the then owners of lots have been recorded, agreeing to change, alter or rescind said covenants in whole or in part.

#34 Enforcement Part II

If any person, firm or corporation or their heirs or assigns shall violate or attempt to violate any of these covenants or restrictions before January 1, 2020 or any extension in writing thereof, it shall be lawful for the developer, its agents, or assigns to prosecute any proceeding at law or in equity against the person or persons violating or attempting to violate any such covenants or restrictions. In such an event, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the other party, all costs of such proceedings, including a reasonable attorney’s fee through and including any appellate proceedings.

#35 Enforcement Part III

Invalidation of any one of these covenants by judgment or court order shall in no wise affect any of the other provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect.